Perceptions of Freemasonry from the 18th century to the Internet - Dr. Andreas Önnerfors

Published in 2010

This lecture aims to map the main lines of perceptions surrounding freemasonry from the first press articles to the presence of Freemasonry in the main media of the 21st century, the Internet.

Speaker: Dr. Andreas Önnerfors was raised in Germany in a Swedish-German family. After a period of extensive travel and some initial studies, he served in the Swedish Army between 1993 and 1996, interrupted by studies in History of Sciences and I as. In 1997 he took up his undergraduate St.Ydies in the History of Sciences and Ideas at the University of Lund in Sweden where he completed his BA and MA, starting his PhD training in 1999. In 2000, he also was admitted to a German P D scheme at the University of Greifswald at the Baltic shore. Since then, Andreas has undertaken postdoctoral research on Swedish 18 century freemasonry and has taught courses mainly within European Stud es. He also has a large interest in press history and the history of sciences. Önnerfors has published about 40 papers and articles in various languages, a majority of them on Freemasonry.