Once you become a Freemason, one of the privileges you get is "the right of visitation" of other Lodges. Beside participating in the same Ritual under a different perspective, the visitation allows you to meet new people and make new friends belonging to the same Fraternity.

Local visitation

Practically, once you received your E.A degree, you can start visiting other Sister Lodges from our District. See existing District Events in our District Calendar. Or you can ask your Lodge secretary, or other Brothers, about other events you might be interested in.

Provincial and inter-provincial visitation

G.L.Q. Ottawa District is privileged to be in the neighborhood of Ottawa and Montreal, both cities hosting many other Lodges that you can visit. Depending on location, they belong either to the Grand Lodge of Quebec (G.L.Q), or to the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario (G.L.C.P.O). Due to this vicinity, along the year there are several common events shared between these lodges, Districts of Grand Lodges.

To get information about other lodges under G.L.Q, it is very useful visit their website here.

If you want information on Lodges belonging to Ottawa District 1, see here.

If you want information on Lodges belonging to Ottawa District 2, see here.

International visitation

You can find a good description of different aspects involving the Masonic Visitation (including international visitation) here.